“When I first met Bob I felt such a strong bond because of our common relationship with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.  He is such an encourager; a modern day Barnabas!  His passion and energy to follow God’s calling to reach the lost in many parts of the world is humbling to me and, quite frankly, blows me away. I am blessed by his example of honoring God by using the resources and connections given to him to further God’s kingdom.  I strongly endorse Bob, through Empty Tomb Ministries, as he is faithfully working the harvest!”

Greg Anderson – Vision Financial


“Bob and I minister is prison’s and halfway houses in the state of Colorado. Bob has the gift of making the bible, the offenders, the staff and myself come alive in Christ! His life reflects a true Warrior for Christ!”

Jeff Monson – Warriors for Christ



I thank God for Bob and Empty Tomb Ministries! Bob has a strong calling. His passion is contagious. His desire to make a powerful and positive impact for the Kingdom of God is steadfast. I believe God is getting ready to propel this ministry forward in new and dynamic ways! As Bob continues to follow the leading of the Lord I believe signs, wonders and miracles will take place. This is the beginning of a new chapter in Bob’s ministry and I am very excited to watch as God uses him in extraordinary and divine ways. I strongly endorse Bob and Empty Tomb Ministries!

Pastor Jeff Crabtree – Connections Church – Fort Collins, Colorado



Bob has now been with us 14 different times in Uganda.  He ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit and has touched many hearts throughout Uganda.  When I watch him minister I am reminded of the Apostle Paul who laid down his life for the sake of the Gospel.  We have worked together to build leadership and establish churches in the villages of Uganda.  Our people are never the same after spending time with Pastor Bob!

Pastor Fred Muyimba – Harvest Christian Ministries – Kampala, Uganda



Bob has a tremendous ability to make God’s word come alive and apply it to everyday life. His ministry will inspire you to live the life you were born to live!”

Tim Picking – Richland, MI



Bob is a proven evangelist with an unusual anointing for bringing people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I strongly endorse him and his message.

Pastor Jim McNally – Stafford, Virginia



I have known Bob for a very long time. His life has always been a testimony of what it looks like to be a Christian. In fact his lifestyle played a major roll in my accepting Christ and that was over 20 years ago. It is fun and exciting to see God use Bob in so many unique ways in order to spread the gospel both locally and around the world. It is also a privilege to see how faithful and obedient Bob has been to God’s call on his life for service in the kingdom.

Nick Nicolay – Birminghan, Michigan



I have known Bob for many years and have always found his sermons to be some of the most powerful and inspirational messages that I have ever heard from the pulpit. Bob’s family and ministry life is an example of how we should all try to model our lives.

Bill Babb – Flagstaff, Arizona



I have known Bob McClelland for almost 15 years and in that time he has ministered several times in Northern Ireland with a profound God given ability to speak into the hearts and lives of people. He is indeed-The Genuine Article.

Pastor Paul Herbert – Northern Ireland



I have enjoyed traveling with Bob in many places in Estonia and have seen many lives touched by God through his ministry.

Peeter Vosu – Tallinn, Estonia